The Cowalla Estate Winery sits on the banks of the historic Cowalla pool near Gingin, deep in Tuart country just north of Perth, Western Australia.

It is the blending of the unique Tuart Loam indicative of the area and the cooling effect of the afternoon Indian ocean breeze during the summer ripening period that gives the Shiraz fruit the spicy taste. These factures have assisted in the formation of the refined sweet fruit and soft tannins which make our wines so enjoyable.

All our wines are made in the traditional open fermentation technique. When picked the fruit is placed in stainless steel tanks which are open to the air.

If a white wine is to be produced, then the juices are extracted by pressing before fermentation, otherwise for the Shiraz wines, all are placed in together. It is the skins of the fruit that give our wine its colour. This fermentation period lasts for up to ten days then it is transfered to wood for a period of maturation.

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